Committee Agendas, Papers and Minutes 2020



 Requests for Delegation Under Emergency Powers (Covid19)

021 Prestwick Educational Campus Project Yuille D
028 Public Conveniences Carr K
027 Relocation of Customer Access from Riverside House to Kyle Street Alexander M
026 Crosbie Churchyard Troon Bradley P
025 School Cleaning Additional Resources Gillies D
024 Public Conveniences Reopening Phase 2 Gillies D
022 Licensing Briggs K
020 AIG Women’s British Open Golf Championship 2020 Feggans N
019 Safety Certificates for Ayr Racecourse and Somerset Park Talbot H
018 Housing Capital Outturn Bradley P
017 GS Capital Outturn Bradley P
016 Budget Management Outturn Baulk T
015 Station Hotel Nicol J
014 Accessible Ayr Sustrans Bid Gillies D
013 Scottish Government Consultation Bathing Water Houston M
012 Household Waste Recycling Centres Gillies D
011 Former Bingo Hall Girvan Gillies D
010 Treatment of Recyclable Waste Contract Dalrymple K
009 Domestic Central Heating Installations Contract Bradley P
008 Covid19 Business Support Programme Leijser T
007 Road Improvement Plan Braidwood K
006 Council Tax LTE Levy Gemmell N
005 Licensing Briggs K
004 Financial Issues Baulk T
003 Cashless Catering Rodden J
002 Health Protection Houston M
001 Internal Audit Plan Miller L

 Panel Reports Dealt with During the Covid-19 Pandemic which did not Require Approval

REP 202006XX AGP Delivering Good Governance.pdf
8/20/2020 4:16 PMNo presence informationMcClure, Janice
REP 202006XX AGP Internal Audit Annual Report.pdf
8/20/2020 4:16 PMNo presence informationMcClure, Janice